Between us-ing: My Anteroom Has Eyes
4.DESEMBER 2021 kl.19.00- 16.DESEMBER 2021 kl.19.00
Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv

Between us-ingI don't know...But I think in all those situations of creation, of opening oneself, becoming a kind of door and space, welcoming space for the apparition or surge, coming into the world of something else or someone else: all those who belong to different practices, different languages, share, I'm absolutely sure,'echoing you' actually, the pre-condition. We are the pre-conditional, pre-conditioned, pre-conditioning beings without whom nothing and no one would happen. And actually what is happening right now is the simplest and most immediate instance of that: I am answering you. And what I am - is an answer.I certainly have no answer. -I only have your questions as the cradle for hoped-for answers, which may dance in or never appear. It all happens between us, it's a 'between us-ing'. *