I’m an artist and musician from the Czech Republic, currently based in Trondheim, Norway.

I'm interested in the intersections of the sonic world, sound, and listening, reading, and writing. I like to think, feel and dream through sound and am curious about using listening as a way to engage with the world. I explore field recording as a way not only of listening, and of conceiving listening, but also of reading and writing.

In my artistic practice and processes, I engage with specific places through field investigations; this often involves walking, listening, recording, and writing. My projects take the form of site-specific works, writing, artist books, or sonic essays which are composed of field recordings, text, and music.

Along with my visual arts education, I have a background history as a singer-songwriter and was active in the Czech indie scene between 2012-18. In recent years, I have been performing both solo and in collaboration with other artists in the context of experimental music.

Image: Daniel Vincent Hansen / Magdaléna MANDERLOVÁ
Leangenbukta is a multidisciplinary project by Magdaléna Manderlová lifting the significance of the local biodiversity at Leangenbukta, Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv's backyard, where almost 200 species of birds breed and live. Thinking, feeling, and working through environmental crises, she wants to create space for regeneration and listening - because listening also means attending and attending is a practice. Then, there is music, improvisation, and that's where we meet: between the ears and ourselves.

The project unfolds through participatory events for the public:

A live score concert featuring Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck (tuba) and Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (saxophone/clarinet), a soundwalk guided by Manderlová, and a series of field recordings from the spring and summer 2023.

'Leangenbukta: A live score’
feat. Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck (tuba) and Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (saxophone/clarinet), 13.6.2023

'Leangenbukta: To be a bay | A soundwalk'

Image/s: Daniel Vincent Hansen / Magdaléna MANDERLOVÁ