Artists who work in performance, visual art, sound, composition, voice, and experimental genres and tools were invited to collaborate in an independently-driven, process-based residency in a communal environment, fostering creative growth, experimentation, and supportive exchange between participating artists.

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The soundscape offers a different frame of reference revealing a different sense of materiality, subjectivity and significance. Due to accessibility relations between the sonic and the visual world, worlds that of course are never truly separate but which nevertheless have a different impact on how we construct and validate our sense of actuality, listening to our everyday environment reaches hidden dimensions of the landscape, restaging habitual notions of truth, reality and necessity.

The suggestion is not a denial of the visual, but a proposal to access and inhabit, via listening, a re-visualisation of the visible and the invisible landscape—its significance and consequence. This is an invitation to experience the world as plural possibilities, as contingent environments, with visible and invisible elements generating my surroundings, in which I live as in a life-world, reciprocal and intersubjectively, and which, however imaginary, are a possible world for me and thus are an actual possible world with consequences for my notions of reality, materiality and subjectivity. In this way, our inhabited sonic sensibility gives us new insights and new knowledge about the possible and the actual, the sonic and the visual, and how they interact in the actuality of my experience.